Friday, 25 October 2013

Welcome to Mrs Picklefish!

Hello, and thank you for coming to visit my new blog.

My name is Becs Dean-Skinner, and previously, I have blogged as Beads By Becs, you can visit my old blog here: Beads by Becs It has all sorts of bits and pieces about beading on it, including some free beading patterns.

My plan for this blog is to share all sorts of jewellery with the world - particularly things designed and made by me, and to share gorgeous things designed by my friends.

Here is Mrs Picklefish - the cab in the middle is made by Donna Sanders (Delicate Sparkles Shop), but the fish is made by me using bead embroidery.  She's actually made from a mix of five different colour beads, 3 metallics and two gold lustres.

The story behind the name:
One month ago, I married my wonderful husband - for about 2 years now, he has been nicknamed Picklefish - it al came about from a time when he sat and had a 10 minute conversation with my goldfish... since marrying, some of my friends have referred to me as Mrs Picklefish, and it seemed like a nice, memorable name to start a new blog with, and to name my jewellery designs after.

So here I am - I'd love it if you could pop in and see what I've been getting up to!