Monday, 16 December 2013

O-bead beading

O-beads - gorgeous little beads which are new on the market - they're flat, O shaped discs measuring 4mm across, 1.5mm high and they have a 1.5mm hole in them.

As soon as I saw these, I knew they would be great when used in bead embroidery, but thought they could lead to interesting bead weaving designs too.

I had today off work, so I thought I'd spend some time playing with these little beads, and I came up with a design which I think is rather nice.  It's a skinny bangle, with a base of right-angle-weave, embellished with O-beads.  In a fit of efficiency, this bangle has been designed, and the tutorial written up in the same day!  The tutorial is available in my tutorial shop and the finished bangles can be found in my jewellery shop.

I have to say a little bit about colour here - the picture above was not my initial colour choice when I was playing with this design - the colours in the picture below are more like my 'go to' colours.  I do love the purples and the coppery golds though.  

Also a little note about the O-beads themselves... the crystal capri gold O-beads used in the purple bracelet are different on each side - one side is clear, or crystal, the other side is the coated gold side.  In my bangle, I used them clear-side up, giving them a greater look of depth, but they look equally good with the metallic side facing up.  

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