Monday, 21 April 2014

Kumihimo Weekend

Well, it's been a wonderful weekend - I've been away at a family wedding.  I'm the kind of person who goes a bit nuts with no creative outlet, so instead of taking my beads with me (which aren't the most portable of crafts), I decided to pack some kumihimo.

I've been making some beaded cross pendants recently, so having handmade cords to hang them from is rather nice.  I've done a little bit of kumihimo in the past, so I was quite happy with what I was doing with an 8-warp braid. I made a couple while I was away, but came home and decided to try something different - a 12 warp braid with a spiral effect.

So, here are my little bits of kumihimo - two standard 8-warp braids and a 12-warp spiral.  You can find the instructions for the 12-warp spiral here.


  1. Love that spiral kumi. Have yet to do beaded kumi and I'm dying to try. Love yours!!

    1. Beaded kumihimo is fun... I'm dying to try doing the 12-warp spiral with beads on the outer warps.